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The Onyx Ring

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Jasmyn blames herself for her family’s tragedy, and she’s confident her family blames her too. The guilt is too much to bear, so instead of returning home, she joins her coven to focus on developing her grandmother’s magic.

Logan understands Jasmyn’s pain and respects his sister’s desire to live apart, but he doesn’t stay away for too long. An enemy clan of sorcerers claims Logan as one of their own, and the mysterious bond of an ancient brotherhood takes hold of him. An age-old rivalry between Logan’s clan and Jasmyn’s coven reawakens, and the violence it unearths threatens all they hold dear.

Will Logan reject the brotherhood to protect his sister, or will he fulfill his clan’s destiny and destroy Jasmyn’s coven? With such opposing magical forces, even the tightest family bonds can break.
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Author Tanya Miranda has given us a fast-paced, exciting tale with an excellent backstory and the potential for even more in the future. Jasmyn, as the lead character, is everything you can expect from a heroic female lead and yet is beautifully softened by her angst over her younger sister’s untimely death and her desire to return in time to undo what has happened to almost destroy both her Coven and her brother’s Clan over the centuries. I particularly enjoyed the reflective moments of the characters, especially those who had lived for centuries, such as Caderyn, as the author took the opportunity to reflect on man’s innate nature and whether conflict was indeed his natural state. Tanya Miranda has a definite story-telling ability and I can definitely recommend this book to fans of the fantasy genre, or just plain action/adventure fans.

— Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite