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The Box Of Souls

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18-year-old Jasmyn secretly resents her family's preference for her 8-year-old sister Katarina. Her jealousy grows when her grandmother, a dying witch, overlooks Jasmyn and chooses Katarina to inherit her magic powers. Although being second-place to her sister is something Jasmyn has grown accustomed to, this rejection wounds her like no other.

Little does Jasmyn know, she too has inherited some of her grandmother's powers. Resentment and envy are a dangerous pair, but when doused with magic, the chaos it creates is unimaginable.
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What readers are saying

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This took dragons to an unexpected level for me, not going to lie. But in a good way. I was kind of in love with the rampant destruction, too. Okay, I hated the parents (total jerk wads) but I can't help but respect an author that's willing to write characters it's OBVIOUS the reader will hate, even if I really hated them. I found the ending meshed really well with the rest of the book, too. I wasn't really sure where Miranda was going to go with it, but certainly wasn't disappointed. Editing was superb.

I'll continue with this series.

— Katie Cross, Goodreads Review

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The Box of Souls is a young-adult fantasy about sorcerers, dragons, and a rather dysfunctional family. Despite wanting to shout at a few of the characters, I had a hard time putting this down. It’s very clever, has lots of fun surprises, and is well-suited to a YA audience. There are some lovely passages about magic, immortality, and the bonds between family and friends. This is an imaginative and magical page-turner with very interesting elements that young adult fantasy fans would enjoy. I look forward to seeing Tanya Miranda's works in the future.

— E.D.E. Bell, Goodreads Review